Distinctive Differences
  • SUNDAY SCHOOL ALL BIBLE We have many types of Sunday School classes to meet everyone’s needs.
    • An auditorium class for adult men and women taught by the pastor.
    • There is also a special ladies only class.
    • Sunday School classes for all ages that are involved in an actual Bible study with the aid of suitable visual aids for each respective age group.
    • Sunday School teachers that are requested to live separated lives. We desire the best possible teacher for your child.
    • Special Wednesday Night Bible Time for children with fun activities and challenging studies into God’s Word.
  • SPECIAL MEETING TO ENCOURAGE TEENS AND COLLEGE AGE MEMBERSWe have special meetings for the teens and college age members to help prepare them to face this challenging world with a Bible centered focus. They are challenged to look a life from a Biblical perspective instead of just following the crowd.
  • PREACHING SERVICE WITH OLD FASHIONED AMENSOur services are informal.Old-fashioned Gospel preaching with simplicity and sincerity geared to soul winning and Christian living. An understandable message for every age group, with definite emphasis on our Lord’s return.A sincere welcome for the poor as well as the rich. We sing the old-fashioned hymns.
  • MINISTERIES TO HELP THOSE IN NEED.We have a van ministry for picking up those who can not get to church on their own. Our goal is to make it easy for everyone to obey the Bible in attending a Bible believing church.
    During the morning worship service, Children’s Church is available to teach children God’s Word and to allow their parents to hear the preaching of God’s Word.
  • HOME OF Galilean Baptist AcademyGalilean Baptist Academy is a Christian school that helps the children to develop both academically and spiritually. With many activities to stimulate learning, it is a fun learning environment. Please join us!
  • HOME OF Bread of Life Baptist PressBread of Life Baptist Press has the goal of sending the Gospel message to all corners of the world. They have printed tracts, Bible portions, song book, and curriculum in English, Spanish, and Thai. They can print in any language. This is ministry is run by faith; which means they do not charge for their work. They depend on churches to supply their need as God directs. This part of the ministry is run by Larry and Judy Connors, but we all help out as needed. Other churches have come to lend a hand in assembling books as needed.
  • MISSIONS WHERE EVERY MISSION DOLLAR IS USED FOR MISSIONSGalilean Baptist church has a special emphasis on missions. There are 56 missionaries, mission organizations, and children’s homes supported financially by the Galilean Baptist Church. We desire to grow and add to this list of projects.
  • Tidbits of Wisdom Galilean Baptist Baptist Church is the home of Tidbits of Wisdom.  Bro. Brewster and Gloria Brewster are the editors for this free monthly newsletter.