Galilean Baptist Academy: ACE Student Convention Results

Galilean Baptist Academy
ACE Student Convention Results

Duet: (Hope Wilkerson & Breanne Spence)-2nd Place
Trio: (Grace Wilkerson, Ashlyn Brough, Rachel Spence)-4th Place
Small Ensemble (Grace, Hope, Rachel, Breanne, Ashlyn, Gabby): 3rd Place
Science Exhibit: Ashlyn Brough-1st Place
Piano Solo: Hope Wilkerson-3rd Place
Piano Solo: Grace Wilkerson-5th Place
Violin Solo: Grace Wilkerson-1st Place
400 Meter Run: Breanne Spence-1st Place
800 Meter Run: Rachel Spence-1st Place
400 Meter Relay (Rachel, Breanne, Gabby, Grace): 1st Place
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Missionary in Thailand since September 2000. Currently working with Light Baptist Church, Tak Thailand. We are sent out of Galilean Baptist Church.
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